Tour of Peanut Buttr


A little help (keeping up on) your friends

What makes your contact more than a name is in all the details. Details that define who they are, how they live, and how they do business. Peanut Buttr suggests the type of details that can be relevant to your relationships. Saving you time and brain space when you are ready to create a new contact or updating an existing one.

Need to remember kids names, interests, and birthdays? We have a section for that. How about personal or business goals? Those are in there as well. Over time, you will create a rich collection of key points. These points will help you relate and forge strong relationships. Be it personal or business.

Easy Customization

Need a quick way to sort and organize your contacts? Tags will help.

A tag is a concise common characteristic. Maybe you have several distributors in your contact list? Or maybe contacts that are all coming to a summer picnic. Tagging is a method of sorting a growing collection of contacts. Maybe they are family, customer, or even someone you met at an event. Tagging works with the built in search to help to find the people you need quick and easy.

Best of all tags are whatever you want them to be. Use the language and descriptors you think in, ensuring that your contacts are labeled, sorted, and searchable, in the language that makes the most sense to you.