About Us:


Who and Where:


Peanut Buttr is the first product of Improbable Software LLC.

We are a small company. You can fit our entire staff on a motorcycle. We think that is awesome. While we hope to grow over time, we will keep everything as compact as possible. For now we are a husband & wife (Jeremiah & Rachel) team pushing to make this the best app possible. Jeremiah is all things code and business. Rachel has social media and marketing under control.

Based in Fargo, ND yes, like the movie, the woodchipper is in the visitor center off I-29. It's flat and in the winter cold but, the community here is fantastic. Fargo is the place to build the foundation of Peanut Buttr.


What and Why:


The idea for Peanut Buttr started with a bored husband pestering his busy wife. Jeremiah was curious about how Rachel ran the relationship side of her photography business. Asking questions like "Who are your best customers?" and "How do you know when to email them?"

From this, the notion of an app was born. Something easier (and cheaper!) to use than a Customer Relationship Management software platform. Yet something cleaner and more powerful than the contact manager on your phone. An app that would help people we know and love do business just a little bit better.

My mom sells essential oils. Tracking her distributors and customers is a challenge. Peanut Buttr helps.

McCal Joy is an amazing artist. She has paintings and pieces in many galleries and a growing book of customers. Peanut Buttr helps keep track of where her painting are. Peanut Buttr also helps track those interested.

Being Different, Being Better:


This is our mission:

"Engage and Deliver. Be Humble and Honest. Listen, learn, adapt but never settle."

We want to talk to our users. We want to learn from them. We want to help. We want Peanut Buttr to make doing business easier. Most of all we want to help people connect at a deeper level.

We want to do all that with humility and honesty.

To ensure we stay true to our vision, we have embraced transparency as a core value. This means that our success or failure is visible to all. You can go here and see our key performance indicators. How many subscriptions, our churn, run rate, everything. When it comes time to hire staff our salary formula(s) will be public as well.

Transparency, when things are going well is fun and sexy. The true value of transparency is when things go wrong. We are committed to owning, in the open, our successes and failures. When something goes wrong, we will explain what happened. What was done to fix it. What we will do to prevent it from happening again moving forward. We don't believe in "fake it till you make it".



As small business people, we have a powerful advantage! Something our bigger, well-funded competition dreams of. It is something that cannot be bought with a big advertising budget. That is a genuine relationship. We can know and care about the lives of our customers. We can personally touch the lives of our clients. We can make a difference in a real and tangible way. That reality is what excites and drives us.

Welcome to our adventure, we are excited you are here.